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Upgradable And Combinable Items

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Lets start with the combinable items :

ICONS with Energy fragments (The only useful one is Collector icon,Others are cosmetics)

Doom Staff= 1K Bulging Bags+10K Fragments+Cat Staff

Zeus Off-Hand= 7k Bulging Bags+Anouke Off-Hand+5 Ice Diamonds

Godz Bow= Shadow Bow/Rainbow Bow+Amazo Bow+Devil Blood Bow+purple Dimension Bow/Limey Bow

Ssj Body Combination= 100K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Body+Darth Vader Body+RoseBlood Gloves

SSJ PlateLegs Combination= 100K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Legs+Darth Vader Legs+Luigi Helm

SSJ Wings Combination= 55K Bulging bags+Shooter Cape+Berserker Cape+Magician Cape+Darth Vader Cape+Red Wings

SSJ Gloves Combination= 15K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Gloves+Darth Vader Gloves

SSJ Boots Combination= 15K Bulging Bags+Byakunal Boots+Darth Vader Boots

Red Spirit Shield= All Corporeal Beast Spirit Shields+10K Bulging Bags

Gold Spirit Shield= Red Spirit Shield+10K Energy Fragments+30K Ecto Tokens+2 Ice Diamonds

Golden Mystic Staff= 350k Bulging Bags+Crystal Staff+Doom Staff+Universo+Red starlight

Rick Pet= Vegeta jr+Goku jr+Infartico+Godzilla+Trump+Ichigo+Darklord+Abbado+Heron+Beaver+Rockgolem+Tangleroot+Squirrel Pets

Eye Of The Ranger= 70K Bulging Bags+Ring Of Devotion+5 Blood Diamonds

Eye Of The Mage= 50K Bulging Bags+Ring Of Devotion+10 Ice Diamonds

Eye Of Warrior= 100K Bulging Bags+Ring Of Devotion+10 Ice Diamonds+5 Blood Diamonds

Divines Wrath (Upgraded Skittles)= Skittles+650K Bulging Bags+10 Ice Diamonds+20 Blood Diamonds+Heroes Sword+Balizard rapier

Icy Glaive= 5 Ice Diamonds + 3k Bulging Bags + Anouke Glaive

Big Fucking Gun 9000 (BFG)= Firegun + 15 Ice Diamonds + 20 Smoke Diamonds + Drakonium Minigun + Plazma Minigun + 600K Bulging Bags

Hefty Bags to Bulging Bag=s 10K Hefty Bags + 1 coin = 5K Bulging Bags

Upgradable Items :

Golden Minigun To Frost Minigun: 1/15 Chance

Frost Minigun To Dragon Minigun: 1/20 Chance

Godz Bow To Zeus Bow: 1/10 Chance

Mystic Staff To Universo Staff: 1/15 Chance

Ultra Donation Box To Dope Donation Box: 1/10 Chance

Dope Donation Box To Perfecto Box: 1/5 Chance

Ichigo Katana To Takeo Katana: 1/10 Chance

Anouke Off-Hand To Zeus Off-Hand: 1/15 Chance

Ring Of Wealth To Ring Of Riches: 1/15 Chance

Darkside LightSaber To DoubleSided Darklight Saber 1/10 Chance

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