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Supreme    8

DoNaToR BeNiFiTs

10$ =Regular Donator 2.5% drop-Rate + Ability to yell & go to ::Dzone

25$=Super Donator 2.5% Drop-Rate + yell duration shortened, loyalty points earned increases, As well as experience

50$=Extreme Donator 5% Drop-Rate + Ability to go to ::Ezone & yell duration shortened even more, loyalty points earned  increase more, As well as experience.

125$= Legendary Donator 7.5% Drop-Rate + Ability to go to ::Lzone, ::tortoise, ::title ::holywater ,Yell duration shortened, Loyalty points increase more & Experience 

200$= Uber Donator 10% Drop-Rate + Ability to go to ::uzone , Ability to set your ::title, Yell duration removed , Even more loyalty points & expierence!

1000$= DeLuXe Donator 20 Drop-Rat+ Ability to go to ::CustomBos, Even more Loyalty points & X& ::Hp , ::Pray , 

5000$= Sponsor Donator 30 Drop-rate & x3 experience


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