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The New Clue Scroll Guide

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Here Is The New Clue Scroll Guide :

So Lets Start! : 

A Minigame , A Guy With A Staff And A ship:

Open Minigames Tele Then Pest Control



Chicken Pens , Thats pretty obvious

Open Monsters Tele , Then Chicken Pens


Dig Where You Start And Cows Await You

Tele To ::Starterzone , Then Run North


A piano And A Red Chair

::Home , run north


The Clue That Has Sparkling Tree In it (forgot the name of the clue)



This pking started in this town damn so many memories 

::edge , run north


UUU Lava And A Demon That Is Hot You Gotta Get Me Out

at ::abb


Im missing the "You Obtain This Energy To Combine It With Something"(forgot the name of the clue)
Skilling tab then click on Runecrafting icon


(We havent found the new clue scroll that called "Maybe anvil? But Where at ##@!" , if someone finds it please tell me!)

Made by : swipe , and some players in game helped me making it



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