May 26, 2020 | Update26-05-2020, 11:52 by Dante

Small Update for ye all
-Revamped prices and deleted unecessary items from starters store aswell as added Mystic staff to it
-Reduced the requirements for ::startertasks by 50%
-Ultimatium Ticket now teleports you to Ultimatium Arena which is instanced
-Decreased Bork Respawn Rate
-Added Combat Script For Ultimatium, he will have the ability to turn of your prayers such as protection prayer,soulsplit,piety etc
-Added Ultimatium Drop Table
-Fixed a Memory Leak
-Rare announcer added for ultimatium parts
-Added Ultimatium To Rare Combiner
-Added Damage Bonus to ultimatium of obtaining whole set
-Joker set now has stats
-Added joker set to sell for custom shop whole set price 400k
-Added Beginner Drop Rate gloves called H.a.m gloves, 5% drop rate can be obtained in the starter store
-Added new items to Donation Deals
-Nerfed ALL NPCS Except Event bosses, with LMB Drops as how easy it has became to obtain ranks, i want it to be more challenging
-Goodieboxes are now stackable
-Reuploaded new cache, no need to do anything
-Added boss pointss to AOE BOSS and Ultimatium
-Extended Joker Loot to 10 players
-Added KC Requirement of 1k to attack The Joker so less leeching would accur from newbies
-Fixed a bug combiner not requiring tyrael cape into the combination
-Added Some Aoe NPCS At Emperorzone
-Added A Warning to the Pinata
-Added Ultimatium Ticket to the voting shop for 500 Votes And Webstore
-Fixed a ...

May 20, 2020 | Update20-05-2020, 15:07 by Dante

Here you go boys an update to stargaze, Ultimatium will be coming out later this week as i still need to polish it out a little bit, but i hope you all enjoy as i litsened to ur feedback on suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚
-Vote message bug has been fixed.
-The Drop rate gap has been fixed on drop table where it was 850 and 900 that didn't really made any sense so now it's set to different ones
-Fixed a bug where the 1/2000 and above drop tables were not giving drops
-Added New Equipment Slot
-Made New Slot to show the item you're wearing on the player.
-Added Brand New Goodiebag box(Enchanted Star) which will have the best reward being enchanted star that will be used in ::combine
-Added Brand new Enchancted executive cape, the only way to obtain it is using ::combine
-Added some missing items to rare drop announcer
-Added alert system on wildwyrm now it will pop out same as pinata
-Buffed Infinity Gauntlet Special
-Added Brand New Nitro Booster Box Special item for players that Nitro Boost our discord server
-Fixed Some Ulgy Inventory models such as starter armor
-Afk Zone now gives Afk tickets, as we're combining the stores
-Fixed Referal Code system
-Increased referal code rewards
-Added missing stats to kbd set
-Adjusted Webstore descriptions
-Adjusted Webstore prices
-Added Masamune/Madaras fan/Universo bow/Tyraels pet/Goodiebag box(Enchanted Cape)/Legacy Mystery Box into webstore
-Removed Some items ...

May 8, 2020 | Update09-05-2020, 17:34 by Dante

ย Update time! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope u enjoy this one we're almost also done with RAIDS 2 a way more advanced version than what we had.
-Added Wildwyrm event Mass Boss, he will spawn in random locations
-Made a new system that will work with the Wildwyrm, basically the more players there are online the bigger the chance there is for him to spawn
-Added More Form 2 Friezas as requested
-Added New Dig Spot For Supreme Clue
-Fixed A Small bug with clue scrolls
-Added Supreme Caskets
-Added Divine Potions into the supreme caskets chance to obtain 1/5 casket.
Divine Potion of Wrath=10% Damage Bonus for 1 hour
Divine Potion of Fortune=50% Chance of receiving a double drop for 20 mins stacks with DDR
Divine Potion of Skill=2x Slayer,2x Pc Points for 1 hour, note that it does not stack with day bonus
Divine Potion of Durability=Immune to any damage for 30 minutes
Divine Potion of Luck=100% Dr Increase for 1 hour
-Added Supreme Casket To ::Rewardlist
-Added More Zeuses into emp zone
-Added new Peter Grifin's head, which has 100% DR BONUS a super rare head only obtainable by wildwyrm
-Added New Choronozon Demons who their main drop will be the brand new supreme clues ๐Ÿ˜›
-Adjusted Rewards for donation deals tier 3
-Added cell to boss of the day
-Added zeus to boss of the day
-Fixed some items not appearing when being searched on POS
-TDI Has been buffed