June 2, 2020 | Update02-06-2020, 01:13 by Dante

Hitting with another small update before i start working on big content updates once again! 🙂
-Added New Magic combat style to keyblade
-Made keyblade AOE
-Keyblade added to ::combine
-Added Cash Box to the AFK STORE
-Added Infinity Box to upgrader Tier 5 to have a chance at Legacy Box
-Infinity gauntlet now announces when dropped
-Added Monkey Companion to legacy box Common Loot Table
-Fixed a bug where ultimatium set bonus was not working properly
-Added Monkey to ::rewardlist
-Poseidon Aura lvl 5 now acts as Zeus aura giving infinite ammo
-Added More Daily Tasks
-Daily task interface now closes when pressed X
-Diamond Chest price increased at OP Store
-Added Boss Points to joker
-Decreased some prices on starter items as they made no sense
-Fixed bug where it was not giving stats to new companions
-Fixed some small bugs
-Vote store small revamp at webpage
Removed High-End boxes from vote store
Added Fantasy Box for 15 points
Added Omega Key for 65 points
Added Op Key for 10 points
Added Diamond chest for 55 points

May 26, 2020 | Update26-05-2020, 11:52 by Dante

Small Update for ye all
-Revamped prices and deleted unecessary items from starters store aswell as added Mystic staff to it
-Reduced the requirements for ::startertasks by 50%
-Ultimatium Ticket now teleports you to Ultimatium Arena which is instanced
-Decreased Bork Respawn Rate
-Added Combat Script For Ultimatium, he will have the ability to turn of your prayers such as protection prayer,soulsplit,piety etc
-Added Ultimatium Drop Table
-Fixed a Memory Leak
-Rare announcer added for ultimatium parts
-Added Ultimatium To Rare Combiner
-Added Damage Bonus to ultimatium of obtaining whole set
-Joker set now has stats
-Added joker set to sell for custom shop whole set price 400k
-Added Beginner Drop Rate gloves called H.a.m gloves, 5% drop rate can be obtained in the starter store
-Added new items to Donation Deals
-Nerfed ALL NPCS Except Event bosses, with LMB Drops as how easy it has became to obtain ranks, i want it to be more challenging
-Goodieboxes are now stackable
-Reuploaded new cache, no need to do anything
-Added boss pointss to AOE BOSS and Ultimatium
-Extended Joker Loot to 10 players
-Added KC Requirement of 1k to attack The Joker so less leeching would accur from newbies
-Fixed a bug combiner not requiring tyrael cape into the combination
-Added Some Aoe NPCS At Emperorzone
-Added A Warning to the Pinata
-Added Ultimatium Ticket to the voting shop for 500 Votes And Webstore
-Fixed a ...

May 20, 2020 | Update20-05-2020, 15:07 by Dante

Here you go boys an update to stargaze, Ultimatium will be coming out later this week as i still need to polish it out a little bit, but i hope you all enjoy as i litsened to ur feedback on suggestions 🙂
-Vote message bug has been fixed.
-The Drop rate gap has been fixed on drop table where it was 850 and 900 that didn't really made any sense so now it's set to different ones
-Fixed a bug where the 1/2000 and above drop tables were not giving drops
-Added New Equipment Slot
-Made New Slot to show the item you're wearing on the player.
-Added Brand New Goodiebag box(Enchanted Star) which will have the best reward being enchanted star that will be used in ::combine
-Added Brand new Enchancted executive cape, the only way to obtain it is using ::combine
-Added some missing items to rare drop announcer
-Added alert system on wildwyrm now it will pop out same as pinata
-Buffed Infinity Gauntlet Special
-Added Brand New Nitro Booster Box Special item for players that Nitro Boost our discord server
-Fixed Some Ulgy Inventory models such as starter armor
-Afk Zone now gives Afk tickets, as we're combining the stores
-Fixed Referal Code system
-Increased referal code rewards
-Added missing stats to kbd set
-Adjusted Webstore descriptions
-Adjusted Webstore prices
-Added Masamune/Madaras fan/Universo bow/Tyraels pet/Goodiebag box(Enchanted Cape)/Legacy Mystery Box into webstore
-Removed Some items ...