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June 16, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

-Fixed the Boss point chat spam happening, when ever u killed a BOSS Npc
-Moved Gambling to Diety rank, as we noticed how many players quit as it was quite easy to achieve emperors rank if you're rushing it so now it's going to be a real grind for ye all.
-Added Brand New Rank Called Diety which can be obtained by obtaining total of 1M with in game $ Scrolls
-Replaced Chaeldar with Vannaka as starting people get confused and take Elite tasks from chaeldar
Diety Rank Benefits:
90% Dr
Loyalty Points x10
Boss Points 12 for each boss kill
Better rewards on thieving
More PC Points
And a lot more coming Soon!
-::gear Gear guide link has been updated to the latest one
-::pc Price guide link has been updated to the latest one
-::starterguide Starterguide link has been updated to the latest one
-Buffed Keyblade
-Removed some unecessary stuff from starter package and buffed it overall
-Disabled 5$ Spam
-Added New Golden spade which will dig 5x amount of rewards
-Added Golden Spade to afk store
-Added Brand New Plazma Shots that will work with new High-End weapons Such as Portal Gun
-Plazma shots can be obtained at range shop
-Added Brand New BIS Range Weapon Portal Gun
-Added Portal gun to ::combine
-Buffed Ring Of Perfection
-Godz bow/more lit sword/dominion crossbow/Ultimatium pieces/Infinity gauntlet can now be sold to custom shop
-Minimized the size of cache by deleting unecessary stuff
-Increased the performance of server
-Minimized the requirement of The joker, now you will only need to kill 125 Jokers for it to spawn
-Increased Drastically the chance on upgrader to upgrade from super slayer cape to spender cape was 15% now 45% but increased the fee to pay
-Added Galaxy Box to the cell
-Added Brand New OP AS HELL Goodiebag in game.
-Added OP AS HELL Goodiebag to webstore
-Adjusted Donation Deal Tab with new rewards
-Added Brand NEW Goodiebag Box to Donation deal tab
-Added Joker zone to teleport manager
-Cleaned up some outdated code
-Clipped New Maps
-Drastically Improved groudon loot table
-Groudon beast now spawns 2x faster
-Fixed a bug where it still required 100 votes for the buff instead of 30
-Added New Textures
-Added Brand New Voting Box
Rare loots table 1/10 Chance
1x Omega key
1x Diamond Chest
1x Galaxy box
1x Fantasy Box
5x Op keys
5x Super Slayer boxes
2x Super Card
1x Supreme Casket
Common loots table
1x Op key
1x High-End Weapon box
1x High-End Armor box
1-3x perfectos
15 Cash boxes
-Added Voting box on ::rewardlist
-Added so now when server reaches 50 votes in total not only u get a stats boost, but also a voting box
-Added Diety Zone Map
-Added New Aoe Zone Map
-Now when an area is crowded there should be less lag
-Made Super Aoe Zone to handle multi
-Added Super Aoe Zone to the Teleport Manager
-Added Pyramid Head NPC
-Added Pyramid Head custom combat script
-Added Pyramid Head Pet, the hardest hitting PET in game, has no DR bonus tho.
-Added Pyramid Head Mode being same as scrooge mode, but easier to obtain
-Increased NPC List
-Added Option for $ Scrolls to be claimed 100x at once so less clicking would be required
-Added a ton more of AOE BOXES at emp zone
-Replaced Cerberus with Golden cerberus so it would look unique and custom
-Added golden cerberus to Teleport manager
-Added aoe npcs and drop tables
-Added new AOE Weapons that will only work on SUPER AOE ZONE such as Joker RPG,Portal Gun
-Change Enchanted goodiebag name to Enchanted star as it was suppose to be
-Reworked Elo system so now basically it truly shows the more online u stay the more damage points u will accumulate
-Fixed a potential dupe
-Fixed Community Manager benefits
-Made Super Aoe Zone, basically if you log out in there you get moved home.
-Added New items to rare drop announcer
-You need to pay 50k AOE Tokens for Super Aoe entrance
-Super Aoe tokens are untradable
-Added Golden Cerberus Charm it being twice as good as skull charm
-Added Skull charm into upgrader to golden cerberus for 15% chance
-Added KC requirement for new super aoe zone
-Added Golden cerberus pet, with a unique effect when this pet is out it increases the chance of you obtaining super slayer boxes, plus has 35% DR bonus
-Added Golden Cerberus to the slayer tasks
-Nerfed Zeus off-hand/drakonium prices on custom shop
-Some small bugs that i've forgot
-Stargaze v12 Client

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