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June 2, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Hitting with another small update before i start working on big content updates once again!
-Added New Magic combat style to keyblade
-Made keyblade AOE
-Keyblade added to ::combine
-Added Cash Box to the AFK STORE
-Added Infinity Box to upgrader Tier 5 to have a chance at Legacy Box
-Infinity gauntlet now announces when dropped
-Added Monkey Companion to legacy box Common Loot Table
-Fixed a bug where ultimatium set bonus was not working properly
-Added Monkey to ::rewardlist
-Poseidon Aura lvl 5 now acts as Zeus aura giving infinite ammo
-Added More Daily Tasks
-Daily task interface now closes when pressed X
-Diamond Chest price increased at OP Store
-Added Boss Points to joker
-Decreased some prices on starter items as they made no sense
-Fixed bug where it was not giving stats to new companions
-Fixed some small bugs
-Vote store small revamp at webpage
-Removed High-End boxes from vote store
-Added Fantasy Box for 15 points
-Added Omega Key for 65 points
-Added Op Key for 10 points
-Added Diamond chest for 55 points

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