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May 26, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Small Update for ye all
-Revamped prices and deleted unecessary items from starters store aswell as added Mystic staff to it
-Reduced the requirements for ::startertasks by 50%
-Ultimatium Ticket now teleports you to Ultimatium Arena which is instanced
-Decreased Bork Respawn Rate
-Added Combat Script For Ultimatium, he will have the ability to turn of your prayers such as protection prayer,soulsplit,piety etc
-Added Ultimatium Drop Table
-Fixed a Memory Leak
-Rare announcer added for ultimatium parts
-Added Ultimatium To Rare Combiner
-Added Damage Bonus to ultimatium of obtaining whole set
-Joker set now has stats
-Added joker set to sell for custom shop whole set price 400k
-Added Beginner Drop Rate gloves called H.a.m gloves, 5% drop rate can be obtained in the starter store
-Added new items to Donation Deals
-Nerfed ALL NPCS Except Event bosses, with LMB Drops as how easy it has became to obtain ranks, i want it to be more challenging
-Goodieboxes are now stackable
-Reuploaded new cache, no need to do anything
-Added boss pointss to AOE BOSS and Ultimatium
-Extended Joker Loot to 10 players
-Added KC Requirement of 1k to attack The Joker so less leeching would accur from newbies
-Fixed a bug combiner not requiring tyrael cape into the combination
-Added Some Aoe NPCS At Emperorzone
-Added A Warning to the Pinata
-Added Ultimatium Ticket to the voting shop for 500 Votes And Webstore
-Fixed a bug where some items were not counting towards donation deal tab
-Fixed some small bugs

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