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May 20, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Here you go boys an update to stargaze, Ultimatium will be coming out later this week as i still need to polish it out a little bit, but i hope you all enjoy as i litsened to ur feedback on suggestions 🙂
-Vote message bug has been fixed.
-The Drop rate gap has been fixed on drop table where it was 850 and 900 that didn't really made any sense so now it's set to different ones
-Fixed a bug where the 1/2000 and above drop tables were not giving drops
-Added New Equipment Slot
-Made New Slot to show the item you're wearing on the player.
-Added Brand New Goodiebag box(Enchanted Star) which will have the best reward being enchanted star that will be used in ::combine
-Added Brand new Enchancted executive cape, the only way to obtain it is using ::combine
-Added some missing items to rare drop announcer
-Added alert system on wildwyrm now it will pop out same as pinata
-Buffed Infinity Gauntlet Special
-Added Brand New Nitro Booster Box Special item for players that Nitro Boost our discord server
-Fixed Some Ulgy Inventory models such as starter armor
-Afk Zone now gives Afk tickets, as we're combining the stores
-Fixed Referal Code system
-Increased referal code rewards
-Added missing stats to kbd set
-Adjusted Webstore descriptions
-Adjusted Webstore prices
-Added Masamune/Madaras fan/Universo bow/Tyraels pet/Goodiebag box(Enchanted Cape)/Legacy Mystery Box into webstore
-Removed Some items from webstore that have been outdated
-Fixed a bug where the 2x system on donation was not working properly
-Fixed a bug divine potion of luck turning into durability potion when it's put into the bank
-Revamped a crap ton of custom store prices so it's easier for newer players now to get into the game
-Added Nitro Booster Box to ::Rewardlist
-Zeus requires KC as it was indeed to be
-Added Zeus/Cell to NPC task
-Rewrote Slayer Dialogue so it's easier to decide which task to pick
-Added wiki on top of client rather than forum
-Added Brand New BIS Ultimatium Set
-Revamped Afk Store
-Removed Stardust,Kindlings shops and just combined it into 1 shop
-Added New System basically on some particular NPCS now when u kill a required amount they will spawn their OP Mass boss version
-Added Mass Boss Version of Joker, kill the clones to summon the bad boy, after 500 kills it will announce on chat that he has spawned
-Pets are no longer bugging out and now attack with the summoner
-You will no longer lose items on death when in wildy and killed by other player so luring is gone pretty much
-Fixed an issue with Custom Equipment slots consuming the other item when trying to equip it
-Mods can now use Emperor Commands
-Community manager can now force spawn wildwyrm
-Increased Vetion respawn rate
-Added More Blue dragons
-Slightly buffed Cash Boxes
-Increased the amount of Seasonal keys received on 20k Kill Event
-Increased chance of obtaining new supreme clues at emperor zone
-Rock crabs removed from slayer tasks
-Removed Divine effect from tyrael pet
-Increased rewards on AOE/Tyrael pets when killing monsters
-::drop no longer opens the old interface
-Added Ultimatium Ticket, this will teleport you to a private instance where u can kill the ultimatium warrior
-Added Joker full set that will be used for range
-Added Mass Drops to The Joker up to 5 players
-Added Custom Combat Script to the joker
-Added KC Requirement For Joker clones, u must kill 7k Papa bags before getting ur hands on this bad boy
-Cleaned up Combiner on some items that do not get fused anymore and are simply just obtainable in game
-Added Legacy Mystery Box contains the new companion pets for new slot 1/5 chance to obtain rare
-Added Legacy M Box to ::rewardlist
-Added AFK Fishing spots they will be the fastest way to obtain afk tickets, but u can only fish there if u have golden fishing net
-Added Golden Fishing Net
-Nerfed Thanos
-Removed useless stuff from cache=faster loading speed
-Fixed Play Now Link on forums
-Fixed Some bugs that i already forgot
Revamped Prices:
American torva set 3k
Purgatory set 400 Bags
Dragonrage set 12k (Now sellable)
Sparta set 2k
Kabuto set 9k
Darklord set 10k
Illumination set 4.5k
Sliske set 6k
Colorful set 9k(Now sellable)
Superman set 7k
All different brutal whips 2-6k(Now sellable)
-Darth maul torva set 10k
-Genesis Set 3.5m
American pernix set 4.5k
American pernix elite set 7.5k
Tier 1 miniguns 2-7k (gold, toxic, ice,dragon)
Megazord extreme set 1.4m
Perfect cell set 500k
Dragonrage maul 500k(Now sellable)
Heroic Maul 1m
Berserker/shooter/magician boots 5k ea
Kbd shield/helmet/crossbow 120k
Teddybear 50k
Teddybear(u) 200k(Now sellable)
Darth Vader set 50k
Shooter/berserker/magician capes 5k ea
Uzi/desert eagle/dragonuv/ak47 5k ea
Ichigo Katana 10k
Beatz by dre 10k
Rainbow bow 5k
Animal bow 6k
Bling Chain 5k
Mystic staff 3.5k
Animal set 6k
Ancient sword 13k
Crimson pernix set 15k
Ghostly swords 4k
Golden Claws 3k
Big fucking gun 9000 1m(Now sellable)
Jax lantern 1m
Universo bow 3m
M4A1 assimov 300k
Usumidori scytche 150k(Now sellable)
Zeus offhand longsword 70k

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