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April 29, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Doing a quick update, we're not done with updates still this week so keep ur eyes openned for more upcoming sneak peaks and don't forget to add
ur suggestions! 🙂
Plus emperor zone is not done, i still have a lot of stuff planned for it so it's not the end boys, still gonna include the new divine pots,New supreme clues,new shop and so on! 🙂
-Infinity Boxes now stack
-Cell now gives boss points
-Zeus now gives boss points
-Added Zeus NPCS for exclusive emperor zone
-Now only 30 Vote rewards need to be claimed for bonus to activate
-Added Zeus Jr Pet
-Decreased some respawn rates
-Added Perfect Cell To Instance Manager
-Added Some items to rare announcer
-Increased Chance of obtaining cell gear plus the pet
-Fixed Timers on the Scrooge Boss
-Added brand new BIS Melee Weapon Godly Flail basically 2x the melee DPS from mustang
-Added Godly Flail To ::Combine
-Adjusted voting system giving wrong rewards
-Some minor bug fixes that i forgot about
Godly Flail Stats
Zeus Zone

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