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April 26, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

 Update time, emperor zone will be left for tomorrow as i'm a bit tired today and don't want to rush it out.

-Added Friezas to 10k Npc kills
-Added Red Dragons to 10k Npc Kills
-Updated the 20k kill system with new rewards
-As suggested some of the combine items have been reduced in price for combination
-Corporal beast has been buffed in loot a little bit for our begginer players when doing slayer task
-Balanced Mage/Melee/Range so that mage wouldn't be going above everything
-Made it so now you can choose between Mode activation or transformation so the whole map wouldn't be covered in friezas
-Brand New BIS Tyrael Pet Gives Spirit shield effect,Soul split effect,Mystery Box Of All Mysteries effect, 3% Damage Overall Increase, 45% Drop Rate Increase
-Added Tyrael Pet to ::combiner
-New Supreme Clue/Supreme Caskets have been added
-Added New Infinity Mystery Box into the game
Common Loot Table:
Cash Boxes
Diamond Boxes
High-End Armor Boxes
Op Keys

Rare Loot Table 1/5 Chance:
Unholy Set
Ssj Set
Roseblood Gloves
Obtainable only with webstore 10$ per Box

-Added Perfect Cell Into The Game
-Added Perfect Cell Armor Set Into The Game
-Added Cell Arena
-Added Killcount Requirement of 5k Final Form Frieza to be able to kill Cell
-Webstore Prices Updated
-Buffed Hellfire Crossbow
-Supermancape is now sellable to the custom shop
-Added a brand new Metal Dragon Zone, for beginner players please people who are op do not go there, because i will be forced to put timers than, let new players enjoy it
-Adjusted Infinity Gauntlet special now it drops Def Of Npc, Gives boost to all of ur stats to 400, and on special it multiplies ur damage 5x
-Updated Infinity Gauntlet Animations and Graphics
-Added New Emperor Tokens
-Added Brand New Super Slayer Cape obtainable at slayer shop, has amazing stats and increases your damage on slayer task by 5%
-Made it so u could upgrade super slayer cape to a spenders cape at upgrader
-increased chance of obtaining time stone at barrows
-Dumped a lot of new models
-Fixed Some Stability issues with client
-Fixed some minor bugs
-V10 Client released!

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