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April 20, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Okey boys i'm back, bringing a small update nothing to wild, just wanted to provide some content to ye all as i'm now once again fully focused on stargaze and want to bring content non-stop as i was doing in the past
i'm planning to do another update tomorrow again, and just combine this whole week with some small but juicy updates, as our goal right now is Early/Mid Game and revamping dead content! 😛

-Fully polished community manager rank
-Fixed Dupe
-Reenabled ::startertasks
-Added some more items to stabalise eco
Rayban Pieces 150k Ea
Valkaryain Wings 400k
Ruby amulet(b) 350k
Justice set 25k
Dantes necklace. Dragon variations blue/green/red 500k
Frieza Pieces 25k Ea
PaperSack 45k
Luigi Helm 215k
Eye of the warrior,ranger,mage 50-100k
-Removed OP key from donation store 1
-Added Mind Stone into the game
-Added Time Stone into the game
-Finished Infinity gauntlet, as we're bringing back specials to the weapons this one will not only do damage, but it will also increase your overall stats to 350 every time you use the special! Plus it has the ability to snap an npc out of existence 1/300 Chance
-Monday And Tuesdays are now 50% drop rate increase rather than being useless
-Tekton is now sellable to the custom shop.
-Nerfed Mage a little bit
-Added A system where doing chealdar tasks now give a bigger chance of getting the Super slayer Mystery Box
-Fixed some minor bugs

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