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October 7, 2019 | Update

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Jewel    4

Quick small update adressing some stuff, i have fully fixed warriors trial now, staff members will test it out today and we should be gucci
cuz i need to make adjustments to the swords them selves, plus regarding mass bosses if u will have suggestions please feel free to post em because i only did right now a quick drop table so u could start farming for the main item which is totems.
-Green plug sword now renamed to Lit sword so it could be searched on pos
-Jail location has been changed so no PKING would accur
-You can now visit people that have been jailed by doing ::visitjail
-Buffed Completionist cape
-Silver torva now can be sold in custom shop
-Added Dante's Inferno Models Into the live server
-Added Kofita's set
-Mass Bosses have been reworked
-Totems have been added To BORK/LE'FOSH/ARCSPIDER
-Executive Combination has been added in the ::combine
-New drop party event has been added
-You can now sell drygore pieces to custom store
-Redid bork drop system
-Added executive token to webstore

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