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April 7, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Here ye go guys PART 1 of 2 PARTS Update today! Another one is coming this week 100%, with revamps, and just overall focusing on Early/Mid game so we could polish it out, and than move onto End game again. I'm looking at ur suggestions guys and i'm loving them, so expect some suggestions installed aswell 😛
-Implemented a system that will Encrypt out future models so other servers could not steal them anymore.
-You can no longer abuse setpin with POS system
-The custom slot items are no longer consumed, you will now need to unequip it before putting another one
-Made it so when you click achievements it will redirect you to the interface instead of the ugly achievements tab
-Addedd 2 New Drop tiers into new drop table interface 1/5000,1/10000
-Damage Counter Has Been Fixed
-When not having a slayer task it will no longer NULL ur account just put it at NO-TASK
-Duo slayer is now fixed
-Added new collectionlog system into the game u can check it out by doing ::collectionlog command in game
-Added brand new drop table interface to replace the old on
-New Divine Potions with unique effects are here, with following effects:
1. 10% Damage Boost 2 hours
2. Double Drop Chance (50% +) 1 hour
3. Double points (Slayer, Pest Control) 1 hour
4. Damage Immunity (Take no damage) 30 minutes
5. +100% Drop Rate 1 hour
-Fixed a bug with slayer giving multiple of same task and not letting u finish ur current one
-Removed Deluxe/Sponsor Rank from webstore
-Started reworking Achievements to suit rewards way better
-Added ::wiki command
-You can no longer use ::visitjail command
-Added Brand New Rank into the game called Community Manager that would be handling most of the event stuff and other community related stuff
-Added Brand New Daily boss to grind for a Killcount Box
-Fixed glod not counting towards slayer task
-Fixed vetion not counting towards slayer task
-Tekton can now be traded and Sold
-Tekton/Genesis/Frieza forms/pets/supreme-t/dragon hearts shirt sellable to the custom store
-Zeus and Hades auras are now actually boosting mage power
-Added new system now when claiming a voting reward u have 1/2000 Chance of obtaining Godly stone/Executive totem/5 Omega Keys and more goodies! (U can claim any reward from voting store) 🙂
-King boss now respawns faster
-Begginer npcs now spawn faster
-Fixed emperors not getting their super slayer box
-Super slayer box now appears as it should in the trade screen
-Frieza drops galaxy box instead of fantasy box
-Removed Blue/Green dragons from chealdlar tasks
-Added boss points to frieza lvl 2-3
-Minor Bugs Fixed
-Stargaze 9.9 Version released! Download new client

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