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March 29, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

A small content update into the game, gonna be finishing up a big boy list for the upcoming week guys. It will focus more into beggining-mid tier game rather than go for end game players, love ye all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
-Added Frieza Final Form into the game you can find him at ::frieza heading to the north side of the mountain
-Added Frieza Final Form pet, the pet will have 15% Drop rate chance increasement and hardest hitting Pet in game to assist in combat
-Added Frieza Final Form mode, the mode will give 7% Overall damage increasement when activated
-Added Brand new frieza set if obtained all 3 pieces it will increase Magic damage by 15% plus it's a trybrid set
-Added New items into Rare drop announcer
-Fixed some bugginess with vote claiming, but mostly it still depends on everythingrs if their servers are laggy it means we might still run into some hik ups
-Fixed some minor bugs not worth mentioning

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