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90 Scratch Card OUTCOME <3

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thiizy    0

❤️ Quick outcome of 90 SCRATCH CARDS ❤️ 


- WAS Going to Upload a video but.... wasn't nothing too "Thrilling" while opening 😞


- Better chances/luck hopefully NEXT and to ALL on these lucky things ❤️ 😇 
THESE ARE OBTAINED VIA STORE ABOVE & PEST CONTROL (IN GAME)  image.png.84ac954469b611c8e733e94ae945ae3b.png image.png.1422d80e3b27dac85b3a15c244e787c0.png


Message STAFF in GAME for assistance or if needed further information/go to STARGAZEPS > DISCORD >>> https://discord.gg/7mSgmJu

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