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October 4, 2019 | Update

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Jewel    4

-Added Panda in the webstore.
-Instance system has been added, to get to this command just to access it you will need to pay atleast 2k Bags to have your own instance.
-Combiner system has been added so no longer you will need to check discord for the combinations, you will see it being displayed on the interface all of the possible combinations. Command For Combiner is ::combine
-Brand New Background With Changed Buttons.
-Added Brand New BIS Hybrid Gear Called QBD SET, it's gonna be the same as SSJ just with additional stats plus dr.
-Added QBD Set into Combiner
-Fixed for some of the items their secondary names when for example looking on POS or when accepting trade
-Fixed some corrupted bad looking models
-You will now be required to finish your scratchcard before loging out so you wouldn't get a null.
-Added Trial Tokens
-New Trial Swords Tier 1-7 have been added
-Brand new minigame has been added called Warriors Trial the object of this minigame is to obtain in room 1 tokens which can be than used in room 2 to kill other npcs which will be dropping tiered swords. But don't forget that to even enter the cave u will need to have 150 Trial Tokens, tier 1 to 7. tier 7 sword will be close in power too usumidori and just letting u know will be used in an awesome option for Upgrader!
-Golden maul can now be used on afk stone for 2x stardusts
-Jail is now working flawlessly
-Added Trial Minigame/Bandit Camp into the teleport manager
-Changed Daily Rewards loot table a little bit 
-Changed Fountain Dialogue so it would say how much it increases stats
-Nerfed KBD Stats By A Lot.
-Rayban stats increased by a little
-King yell fixed
-Ares lvl 4 aura STR bonus adjusted
-Added More Custom Slayer Tasks
-Fixed Commedations for staff ranks
-Added some items to bulging bag store
-Beginner Boxes are now functional they have 2 loot tables common and rare!
-Brand new zone added called Bandit Camp this is a zone that will be dropping the new Beginner Boxes
-Added a brand new ancient sword that can only be obtained by hitting the rare loot table in the beginner box
-Updates all links that were broken
-Added a brand new ::rules command
-Updated log in messages
-Health for donkey kong has been adjusted to 250k from 125k
-Sponsorzone shop prices have been adjusted towards the pricelist
-Fixed trump not announcing rare drops
-Added Brand new executive cape that is on par with P Ring
-Added a executive totem so if u want to get ur self a executive cape u will need this in the combination process
-Added new models into the cache to work with for the future
-Fixed some other minor bugs that i have encountered
-Patched a memory leak
-Fixed an error with global kill event where it could null out
-Client V6 Version

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