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March 10, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Here we go another small content update this is part 1 out of 3, gonna be releasing 2 more updates this week that focuses on QOL,Bugs and further adjustment and finishing up frieza saga :)
-Frieza pet no longer shows as steel boots
-Frieza first form pet now works as it should have been
-Vorago Boss now drops up to 9 players and has received a health nerf
-Added More Gokus/Vegetas
-Mystery Box of all mysteries now drops Diamond Chest
-Added Second Form Frieza
-Added Frieza Second Form Killcount Requirement
-Added Frieza Second Form Mode 6% overall damage increase!
-Added Power Stone to the game 3 out of 6 stones are now in game!
-Adjusted Vannakas slayer tasks
-Did some minor bug fixes

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