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September 18, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-Increased the chance of obtaining a rare from scratch cards by a little bit
-Fixed rare item giving from scratch cards
-Lowered the bulging bags on completion, added a system that u have to do 1k damage to receive the reward from pest control
-Perk System has been fixed
-Added a System where i will be able to adjust pet maxhits depending on their rarity

-Adjusted Points for pest control
Donator 5 Points

Super_Donator 9 Points

Extreme_Donator 12 Points

Uber_Donator 20 Points

Deluxe_Donator 25 Points

Sponsor 30 Points

King 40 Points

-Vote Scroll now gives 200 bulging bags rather than 50
-Changed Spawn timer for terror dogs
-Added more npcs in the keyrooms
-Changed Requirements for the keyroom
-Increased the chance of obtaining a rare reward from scratch card by 10%
-Added Announcer when someone reaches Sponsor Or King
-Added a chance to save a red key when openning burnt chest for sponsor and king
-You can't open scratchcards anymore while you're in combat
-Added White Wolves drops to the donkey kongs
-Mursha is now sellable to custom shop
-Support rank can now host free for all event
-Removed staff of ra from donator shop and added to op keys
-Buffed jax lantern even further
-To make jax lantern u will need 650k instead of 450k now
-Luigi pet dr lowered to 10%
-Custom Boss now spawns every 4 hours instead of 8
-Usumidori scytche is now 1 handed
-Daily reward 7 streak changed
-Cursebearer minions scatered around him as suggested
-Now by accesing the old interface and clicking on custom stuff it will no longer show pvp teleports.

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