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September 15, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-Buffed Jax Lantern attack speed by 1 tic
-Blades of destruction have been added it will be another pair of swords that will rival Divine's Wrath, they can only be obtained from brand new scratch cards. Also they will have divine effect when worn.
-Scratchcards are now stackable
-Scratchcards loot table is now done
-Pest control is now adjusted
-Added Pest Control to minigame teleport
-Increased drop rate for crimson from turtles
-Added pest control into the minigame interface
-Added system on pest control ship the bigger lvl you're the more bulging bags you get on completing the game
-New Webstore, Donation store items
-Added 60% Dr to the KING Rank
-Added More Boss Points to the KING Rank

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