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September 14, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-Moved afk zone to the edgeville you can now either get there by doing command ::edge or checking teleport interface and clicking on afkzone. The reason
that i did this was to reduce lag at home as a lot of people accumulate there.
-Zeus aura has been added to the game, lvl 5 will have close to spender cape stats!
-Improved some inventory models
-Scratchcards are done you will be able to obtain from them various loot from common stuff to ultra rare stuff like BFG/DIVINE WRATH/Jax lantern etc.
-Boss points are now for actuall bosses and not for npcs
-Golems have been dissabled for now
-Fixed Pest Control it doesn't have anymore fucke* up camera as their was some npcs that were nulled and caused that
-Added a brand new helmet into the game called Mario Head
-Buffed Masamune sword
-Added Brand New Swords Of Destruction
-Added Brand New Dante's Inferno Set
-Fixed Black Coloring Issue on some of the items
-Cursebearer loot table redone
-Raids now give 2 raid boxes for completion and more bulging bags on completion!
-Increased drop rate for crimson from turtles
-Added Begginer Box Model Into The Game
-Fixed some model duplications
-Infartico drops are now being picked up by the collector necklace
-A brand new 30k rank is now out called King Donator
-Updateed Aura Box Openning a little bit
-Now u can upgrade all lvl 3 auras to lvl 4 with energy fragments for 30k energy fragments, to reach lvl 5 tho u will still need to use the upgrader

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