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Staff Application - Live Resin

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Apex    5

In-game Username: Live Resin

Country & Timezone: EST

Hours you can spend playing: 14-20 hours a day; Been playing since it was the beginning of Pass

Experience as staff on past servers/games: I code so I know my way around most things & I've been staff on multiple servers and would love to be Full time for ONLY you guys. Currently not staff on any other server and if I get staff I will stick to ONLY this server

What made you interested in applying for staff rank? I love the servers community & this has honestly been my favorite server out of any RSPS out right now and will continue to be and as well as I'm one of the most trustworthy people you will EVER meet

Why should you I considered? (How will you impact this community) I'm always ready to help people, i will impact the community by advertising on YouTube, my channel is growing very fast, I'm good at helping, finding bugs, giving LOTS of suggestions; pretty much ANYTHING that is needed ? I can post daily YouTube Content as well as bringing new players to the server from Mass Adding people.

What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? Being a respectable Mod; Not; Helping people; Advertising; Gaining server popularity; keeping the community happy; Anything that relates to bringing players into the server and keeping them happy ❤️

What would you do if someone was using offensive language? I would warn them and send it instantly to Dante / the other staff right away

What would you do if someone was insulting a staff member? Warn him and if it happens again I'm assuming a mute but I would have to verify with a staff member before any action is taken unless told to do so prior; 2nd offence after mute; ban i'd assume or acc deletion

What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? Instantly message Dante and all staff and ban the account untill further notice if told to by staff prior

I appreciate you guys looking over my application.

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CVO    0

Rep +++1 

You have helped me thru most of everything on the server and I've learned most everything for you; thanks for the hookup 



1 L o v e

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