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September 9, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-Added 1 more task to daily tasks
-New Jax Lantern added
-Jax lantern now has unique attack
-You can make jax lantern by Combining GMS/Staff of Ra/450k Bulging Bags/10 Shadow Diamonds/10 Ice Diamonds/10 Blood Diamonds
All god Aura's can now be upgraded. To upgrade Aura's from Level 1-3 you must use Energy Fragments
1-2 = 2k Fragments
2-3 = 4k Fragments
-All Level 3 Aura's can then by upgraded upto Level 5 using the item upgrader.
-Donkey Kong give more items
-Sponsors now get more boss points on kill
-Increased Price of corruption
-Fix the equipment slots for auras and adjusted their stats
-Donation Box can now be upgraded to ultra donation box in upgrader
-You can now sell all the miniguns and cryptic pieces to the custom store

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