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September 6, 2019

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Jewel    2

-Fixed some incorrect dialogue that was missleading
-SSJ Wings now also pick up ammo
-Added some missing items to checkdr
-Sephiroth set has healing factor bonus has been fixed
-Caskets of clues are now stackable
-Changed daily Login reward for 8 day streak
-Morty pet added to checkdr
-Installed new system to prevent any file loss for the future such as POS/Character files
-Drasticly increased chance of receiving a rare Item from Slayer Box
-Slayer Box rare loot table revamped that includes OP Keys in it
-Slayer Box common loot table is now highly increased
-Usumidori scytche bug has been fixed
-More items can be sold to sell to all shop
-Shadow off-hand now has divine effect
-More people will now be receiving loot from penguin or custom boss
-Added Makarov OH to the boss point store
-Added Some NPCS to sponsor zone
-Fixed cursebearer not spawning his minions after first kill

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