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September 1, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-Cursebear, when u leave the cave u can't get back as it says that i already have an instance going
-Fixed bug where cursebearer wouldn't respawn
-BFG OH is now lower percent to obtain
-Added tanks to boss points
-Added Unholy to boss points
-Lock/Unlock xp Updated on quest tab it was glitching out
-Adjusted so usumidori scytche needs scytches so now combo is everything as was before but 2 takeo katanas removed and added Anger/Shadow/Green/Lava scytches into the MIX
-Updated pets now some of them attack
-Fountain of youth now restores your stats and has an option of boosting ur stats to 250 for 10k Bulging Bag Payment
-Reduced pos timer for new players from 5 hours to 2

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