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August 31, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-New randomizer system has been added
-Buffed all eye rings 2x
-Donkey kong now gives dr and has been added in ::checkdr
-Add anouke,Ichigo,Goku into teleport interface
-New and last diamond that will ever be added in game called Shadow diamond you can obtain it by killing new Unholy Cursebearer/Doing barrows/Doing dungeonering/Daily Tasks/OP ASF CHEST!
-Blood money removed from Pking so it wouldn't be abused with the new upcoming store
-Decreased some of the prices in the dungeonering shop
-Extended time intervals in FREE FOR ALL LOBBIES so people could join, from 50 to 100 secs
-After you win in FFA you will receive blood money now which will be used in an upcoming blood money shop! The amount you can get is from 300-600 For winning a game!
-Gave Ruby B/Collector Aura the ability to ignore junk drops.
-Slayer box giving all slayer items with a rare chance
-New Shadow OFF-HAND glaive is in upgrader for now it can be upgraded from Zeus-Off hand for 50k Bulg Bags and 35% Chance
-Brand new boss Cursebearer wrote him unique attack patterns and unique combat script overall so basicaly he will be doing area affects, u will see white circles if you stand in that circle you will receive 3x the damage, plus he will spawn minions which are easy to kill but they will be absorbing all of the damage not allowing to attack him you can find the npc at teleport manager in BOSSES section or ::curse command
-Made a new instance for a new boss
-New auras chest for brand new GODLY AURAS which will be going into arrow slot until i've decide what i can do with it, the Auras chest will be obtainable only by the unholy curse bearer
-Fixed some of the Pets not attacking stuff
-Buffed skittles a little bit
-Buffed event boss drop table a little bit
-You can now get Usumidori Scythe by combining 5 Ice Diamonds/5 Blood Diamonds/10 Shadow Diamonds/1 Icy Glaive/2 Takeo Katanas/300k Bulging Bags
-Now when you kill someone in FFA your inventory will get replenished with supplies!
-Added some new items into rare drop announcer

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