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StargazePS Price List

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Jewel    4

All prices are in Bulging Bags

American Pernix 50 50 50 - - - Range
American Torva 50 50 50 - - - Melee
American Pernix (Elite) 125 125 125 - - - Range
Demon Wings - - - - - 500 Hybrid
Sky Torva 150 150 150 150 - - Melee
Animal 250 250 250 - - - Range
Silske 300 300 300 - - - Range
Superman - 300 300 300 - 300 Melee
Crimson Pernix 500 500 500 - - - Range
Drygore 500 500 500 500 - - Melee
Tectonic 750 750 750 - - - Mage
Blessed Gloves - - - - 3.5K - Range
Gloves of Death - - - - 3.5K - Melee
Ice Gloves - - - - 3.5K - Mage
Oblivion 1K 1K 1K - - 1K Melee
Arc 1K 1K 1K - - 1K Mage
Death 1.5K 1.5K 1.5K - - 1.5K Hybrid
Darklord 1K 1K 1K 1K 1K 1K Range
Beatz by Dre 7K - - - - - Hybrid
Magician Cape - - - - - 8K Mage
Berserker Cape - - - - - 8K Melee
Shooter Cape - - - - - 8K Range
Darth Maul 2K 2K 2K 2K 2K - Melee
Kabuto 3K 3K 3K - - - Melee
Anouke 5K 5K 5K 5K 5K - Range
American Destroyer 2.5K 2.5K 2.5K 2.5K 2.5K - Melee
Dragonrage 5K 5K 5K - - 5K Melee
Berserker Boots - - - 15-20K - - Melee
Shooter Boots - - - 15-20K - - Range
Magician Boots - - - 15-20K - - Mage
Lava Virtus 10-15K 10-15K 10-15K - - - Mage
Ironman 10-12K 10-12K 10-12K - - - Range
Darth Vader 8-10K 8-10K 8-10K 8-10K 8-10K 8-10K Hybrid
Cryptic 10K 10K 10K - - 10K Hybrid
Drazul 25-30K 25-30K 25-30K - - 25-30K Range
Byakunal 20-25K 20-25K 20-25K 20-25K 20-25K - Melee
Stoner 25K 25K 25K 25K - - Mage
Mursha 15K 15K 15K - - - Mage
Beowolf 15-20K 15-20K 15-20K 15-20K 15-20K 15-20K Melee
Vegeta 20K 35K 35K 30K 30K - Range
Goku 20K 30-40K 30-40K 30-40K 30-40K - Melee
Justice 50K 100-150K 100-150K - - - Melee
SSJ - 1.2-1.5M 1.2-1.5M 50K 50K 900K-1M Hybrid
Paladin 100K 250K 250K 100K 100K 100K Range
Universo TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD - Mage
QBD 3M 3.5M 3.5M 3M 3M 3M Hybrid
Sephiroth 2M 2-2.2M 2-2.2M 2M 2M - Melee
Megazord 75K 75K 75K 50K 50K 50K Range
Rayban 300-400K 300-400K 300-400K - - - Melee
Valkyrian 1.5-2M 1.5-2M 1.5-2M 1.2-1.5M 1.2-1.5M 1.5-2M Melee


Armour Accessories
All prices are in Bulging Bags

Bling Chain  Necklace 400 Melee
Lava Necklace Necklace 800 Range
Stoner Amulet Necklace 25K Mage
Eye of the Ranger (70DR) Ring 300K Range
Eye of the Mage (65DR) Ring 150K-200K Mage
Eye of the Warrior (100DR) Ring 400-500K Melee


All prices are in Bulging Bags

Shadow Bow 20 Range
Rainbow Bow 50 Range
Ghostly Swords 100 Melee
Golden Claws 100 Melee
Golden Minigun 150 Range
Purple Dimension Bow 200 Range
Akimbo Daggers 250 Melee
Tiger Katana 300 Melee
Animal bow 300 Range
Icy Katana 500 Melee
Deagle 500 Range
Darth Maul Whip 500 Melee
Dual Rapiers 600 Melee
Rainbow Ghostly Swords 750 Melee
Frost Minigun 750 Range
Flaming Whip 800 Melee
Razor Whip 800 Melee
Uzi 1K Range
AK47 1.5K Range
Lava Godsword 1K Melee
Amazo Bow 1K Range
Toxic Minigun 2K Range
Limey Bow 2K Range
Dragon Blowpipe 2K Range
Dragon Minigun 3K Range
Green Scythe 10K Melee
Dragonov 2.5K Range
Skairu Staff 3K Mage
Lava Scythe 10K Melee
Flame Thrower 7.5K Range
Mystic Staff 3K Mage
Anouke Glaive (Off-hand) 10K Melee
Doom Staff 10K Mage
Ichigo Katana 10K Melee
Anouke Glaive 15K Melee
Lit Sword 15K Melee
Devil's Blood Bow 17.5K Range
Godz Bow 22.5K Range
Takeo Katana 25K Melee
Universo Staff 30K Mage
Starlight Staff 60K Mage
Prizm Minigun 50K Range
Anger Scythe 50K Melee
Drakonium Minigun 50K Range
Shadow Scythe 60K Melee
Drazulian Warmachine 60K Range
Darkside Lightsaber 20-30K Melee
Stoner Gun 15K Range
Plazma Minigun 100K Range
Heroes Sword 40K Melee
Baliard Rapier 40K Melee
Crystal Staff 60K Mage
Zeus Bow 45K Range
Icy Glaive 70K Melee
Dominion Crossbow 500K Range
Double Sided Saber 100K Melee
More Lit Sword 700-800K Melee
Golden Mystic Staff 250K Mage
Staff of Ra 700K Mage
Skittle 2.2-2.5M Melee
Fire Gun 2-2.1M Range
Divine's Wrath 4.2-4.5M Melee
Big Fucking Gun (BFG) 4.2-4.5M Range
Massamune 12M+ Melee
Jax Lantern 1.7-2M Mage
Universo Bow 11M+ Range
Madras Fan 9.8-10.1M Mage
Mustang 58-60M Melee
Sally (Off-hand) 1.5-1.8M Melee
M4A1 Assimov 4M Range (AOE)
AK47 Assimov 8M Range (AOE)
Dragonrage Maul 2-2.5M Melee (AOE)
Heroic Maul 4-5M Melee (AOE)
Blades of Destruction 8-10M Melee
Usumidori Scythe 500-600K Melee
Big Fucking Gun (BFG)(Off-hand) 350K Range


All prices are in Bulging Bags

Frost Spirit Shield 1K Range
Arc Spirit Shield 1K Magic
Deathly Spirit Shield 1.5K Melee
Purple Spirit Shield 1.5K -
Mystical Spirit Shield 1.5K -
Pink Spirit Shield 1.5K -
Red Spirit Shield 16K Hybrid
Infernal Spirit Shield 40K Melee
Gold Spirit Shield 60K Hybrid (Divine)
Zeus Off-Hand 80K Melee
Shadow Off-Hand 300K Melee
Captain America Shield TBD Hybrid
Spender Shield TBD Hybrid


Drop Rate Items
All prices are in Bulging Bags

Ring of Wealth Ring 5 50
Normal Pets Pet 5 500
Red Donator Cape Cape 3 1K
Custom Pets Tier 1 Pet 10 1K
Collector Aura Level 1 Necklace 2 2K
Collector Aura Level 2 Necklace 4 4K
Collector Aura Level 3 Necklace 6 8K
Collector Aura Level 4 Necklace 8 16K
Collector Aura Level 5 Necklace 10 90K
Custom Pets Tier 2 Pet 15 2K
Ring of Devotion Ring 50 40-50K
Custom Pets Tier 3 Pet 20 520K
Rick Pet Pet 30 500K
Bugatti Pet Pet 25 900K-1M
Spyro Pet Pet 25 200K
Teddy Bear Shield 65 200K
Corruption Wings Cape 25 30-40K
Paper Sack Helm 50 200-250K
SSJG Blue Hair Helm 60 350-400K
Roseblood Gloves Gloves 60 800K-1M
Red Wings Cape 70 750-800K
Ruby Amulet (b) Necklace 50 900K-1M
Luigi Head Helm 100 1M+
Fighter Boots Boots 70 1M+
Dante's Amulet Necklace 75 2-2.3M
Spenders Cape Cape 100 10M+
Perfect Ring Ring 200 35-40M
Executive Cape Cape 140 20-22M
Ring of Perfection Ring 200 65M
Teddy Bear (u) Shield 85 850-900K
Top Donator Icon Necklace 125 TBD


All prices are in Bulging Bags

Voting Scroll 2.5-3K ::vote
$1 Scroll 200 -
$5 Scroll 800-1000 -
$10 Scroll 1.6-2K -
$25 Scroll 4.2-4.5K -
$50 Scroll 8-10K -


All prices are in Bulging Bags

Mystery Box 3 -
Legendary Mystery Box 35-40 -
Donation Box 800 -
Ultra Donation Box 1-2K -
Pet Box 2-3K -
Raid Box 4-6K -
Dope Donation Box 8-10K -
Perfecto Box 30-35K -
Fantasy Box 150-200K Available in OP Store
Galaxy Box 650-850K -
Aura Chest 50K -
Diamond Chest 800K Available in OP Store
High End Armour Box 50K -
High End Weapon Box 30K -
Cash Box 8-10K -
Scratch Tickets 15-18K -
Super Pet Box 45-55K -


All prices are in Bulging Bags

Crystal Key 3-5 -
Red Key 105-140 -
Summer Key 2-2.5K -
OP Key 80-95K -
Boss Key 180-220K -
Omega Key 700-850K -
XP Lamp 200 -
Ecto Token 2-3 -
Energy Fragment 2-3 -
Blood Diamond 20-25K -
Smoke Diamond 30-35K -
Shadow Diamond 8-10K -
Ice Diamond 5-7K -
Individual Dragonballs 20-25K -
Anouke Teleport 5K Available in Teemo Store
Permanent Ichigo Teleport 100K -
Permanent DBZ Teleport 300K -
Money Zone Teleport 800K Available in OP Store
Infinite Prayer Scroll 2M Available in OP Store
GWD Shield Shards TBD -
Godly Stone 15-18M -
Executive Totem 8-9.5M -
DDR Ring 35M+ -
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