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August 23, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2

-KBD Shield now only requires 5 charges to shot!
-More Pet Boxes in boss point shop has been added
-Megazord wings now collect ammo as ava's accumulator
-Buffed clue rewards
-Anvil clue is now fixed as it was not registering the dig spot
-Jail location changed
-Jail now can hold up to 20 prisoners!
-Ring of riches added into upgrader
-Fixed shining through Items sometimes u could see items just shining within ur body that is now fixed.
-Fixed daily reward when going above 7 streak it would glitch out
-Raids now start after 1 minute when u complete it
-Daily task system rewards are done aswell as tasks
-Daily rewards 8 streak reward has been changed
-Added a brand new pet system which will allow you to LVL up your current pets and not only that they will be also fighting along side of you! All you need to do is access the Summoning Tab and call your familiar. Plus don't freak out when u press now on a pet scroll and it dissapears all of your pets will be listed, we're also gonna be working in the future so that you could withdraw the pets u lvl up and sell them! And some of them will even have special abilities!!!
-Gajira now respawns faster
-Kofita's custom set has been added
-Sponsor can now TAB on messasges the bug has been fixed
-Client version V4
-New Perk system is now live having perks such as Range damage,Mage Damage,Melee Damage,Attack Speed Increase,Drop Rate Increase,Lifesteal and so on!

New pet system to lvl them up all you need to do is kill NPCS

Server perks that will happen every 1 hour 

Daily tasks tomorrow will be finished completely with juicy rewards and nice tasks!

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