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August 15, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2
  • Worked on dungeonering reward shop pricing
  • Added donkey kong pet which can be obtained by killing him
  • New items in webstore¬†
  • Fixed a bug when opening perfecto u will also get super pet mystery box reward
  • Lowered Nex Hp By Half
  • Added daily task system just gonna beta test it a little bit longer maybe even add more features and release it to the public it will be done by this week 100%
  • Added the sephiroth set in checkdr
  • Added new rewards for daily login
  • Fixed all the bugs with daily login system which were found
  • Moved broly teleport
  • Fixed client big ass npcs on interfaces(Will appear on new client version)
  • Added 40% Drop rate to ssg blue saiyan aura
  • Added the sephiroth set in checkdr
  • KBD Shield should now be hitting correct amount
  • Increased chance of obtaining auras but with that increase the prices
  • Increased the chance of obtaining perfecto box from upgrader
  • Increased the chance of obtaining universo staff upgrader
  • Increased the chance of obtaining Dope Box from upgrader
  • Added some new items in the rare drop announcer that i missed out on
  • Megazord set now goes to the right armour slot and is BIS for range the only way to obtain pieces now is to open Fantasy Box, will be added new ways soon
  • Fantasy box added which will contain loot from Perfecto Box/Super Pet Mystery Box/High End Armor Box/Fantasy Box so you will be getting 4 items out of this mystery box!
  • Fixed prices on sponsor shop
  • Removed Mage bonus from sephiroth set as it shouldn't be there
  • Added pet box in the boss point shop for 600 Points
  • Added a brand new Cloud strife set
  • Added a brand new Megazord set
  • Added a brand new Buster sword to match cloud strife! ?
  • Added BFG Off-Hand upgrade option in the upgrader npc as well as working on a brand new Multi effect when they are worn together
  • Mid tier bosses now spawn faster as suggested

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