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Name(optional): noor.


In-game name 3. 


Age: 19 .


What time zone you live in:   UTC +2 .


How much time you can spend on the server . : more than 5 hours a day .


How you contributed to the game:  helping - giving tips for starting / if someone new player nice with me i will help him by giving him item thats can help him with start / Tell owner if there are any bug or something happened like that .


How long you have been playing: https://gyazo.com/cd1801c32cd0d9f249888f7ff5ef0964 . 


What you can add to the server (anything special that makes you differ from others): I can bring a positive attitude and good problem solving skills. also I am very spontaneous and have a lot of good ideas for the server in the future. also I will be online when most people wont be due to my time zone so I can offer further help to players in my time zone! .


How are you dealing with problems: Depending on the problem, but most of the time i can handle it  .


How are you with dealing with people

i have no problem with dealing people since i like to talk a lot, so i try to get along with everyone. we are a small community right now as well so we gtta get along with everyone


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