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August 6, 2019 Update

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Jewel    2
  • KBD Shield hitting from 400k-500k With The Special Attack
  • Added pets and ranks in the ::checkdr
  • Made Broly Zone Look Nicer!
  • Broly zone is now multi
  • Broly Combat Script Written
  • Fixed a clan chat corrupted files so now it doesn't corrupt anything more
  • Made it so when you login now u get the daily interface pop out! 
  • Trumps respawn faster
  • Fixed Permissions for staff members so they could use the teleport for sponsorzone
  • Added Broly in the teleport interface
  • Added Super Pet Mystery Box to obtain these you will need to use upgrader Tier 4 and upgrade ur regular Pet Mystery Box
  • Bugatti Pet added it will have 25% Drop rate increase and SOULSPLIT effect when its summoned you can obtain this pet in Super pet mystery box
  • Spyro Pet added it will have 25% drop rate increase and Divine effect when its summoned you can obtain this pet in Super pet mystery box
  • Sayian Auras is now added and you can obtain them from broly
  • Fixed Sayian auras going to the wrong equipment sloot
  • Added missing Slash/Crush bonus to spender cape
  • Sayian auras now have the correct bonuses
  • Added sayian auras God and Blue God to upgrader
  • Broly and Donkey Kongs added to boss points
  • Added broly pet into the game it will give 20% drop rate increasement
  • Removed more unecessary items from the rare loot table announcer
  • Added a brand new universo set
  • There is another client version with some stability bugs fixed,animations fixed, typo fixes it's your choice if you want to download it or not it will just improve ur experience overall
  • it also includes some size fixes on npcs

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