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v2 wolfz

Staff Application.

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v2 wolfz    0

1. Desired staff position: Mod

2. Your name (first name would suffice):  Kumar (v2_wolfz)

3. Your age: 22

4. Your location: Eastern Daylight Time
Time zone in Columbus, GA (GMT-4)

5. Average amount of gameplay hours per day:  4-10 Hours interchanging 

6. Why you should receive the position:

·   I have experience over 5-6 years of Many positions on a multitude of servers I have played as multiple SS/Mod a few Admin - hidden admin/Co-owners while being a great server problem solver and being greatly involved with the community and staff.

·  I have played RS/RSPS from the age of 12 and I am always an individual helping new players and old players. I am liked by many and never intend to be a disliked player. 

·   Time zone issues and lack of staff can be a problem when it comes to a growing server.

·  Keeping order to the chats and responding to help tickets ASAP. A priority of the players. Have to help the server grow and make sure players are in a safe and trustworthy environment.

· Ensure that in yell and friends chat the language is kept to English so everyone can join in the conversation if they have any input. 

·  Due to the experience and knowledge I possess I believe I can make a great addition to the staff team and community through present and future

·   I am always on discord and for the past month, I have been logged in for an avg of 16-18 hours a week.

7. What would you do if you became a part of the Staff Team:

·  Keep the chats clean, report major problems to the right power as needed, be helpful to players. take control when needed to. 

·  If I became a part of the Staff Team I would encourage events, group activities.

·  I would encourage growth through the forums. discord and through the server.

8. Extra Information:

·  Coding background in java/python. Model creation basics.

· Full-time student

· Mentally unstable but a boss ass bitch.

~ I am overconfident and get work done. Good irl and good ig.


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