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The New Clue Scroll Guide

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Here Is The New Clue Scroll Guide :

So Lets Start! : 

A Minigame , A Guy With A Staff And A ship:

Open Minigames Tele Then Pest Control



Chicken Pens , Thats pretty obvious

Open Monsters Tele , Then Chicken Pens


Dig Where You Start And Cows Await You

Tele To ::Starterzone , Then Run North


A piano And A Red Chair

::oldhome , run north


The Clue That Has Sparkling Tree In it (forgot the name of the clue)



This pking started in this town damn so many memories 

::edge , run north


UUU Lava And A Demon That Is Hot You Gotta Get Me Out

at ::abb


Im missing the "You Obtain This Energy To Combine It With Something"(forgot the name of the clue)
Skilling tab then click on Runecrafting icon



Maybe anvil? but where at ##@!.


Made by : swipe , and some players in game helped me making it



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