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Swipe's Staff App

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What is your name in game? : Swipe

What is your real name? : Nadeer

Position you are looking for? : Helper

How old are you? : 16

Timezone and Country? : Israel +2 GMT

How many hours can you play each day? : 10 in average

How many hours have you spent in the game? 122.PNG.a507a94577876a808b12e751cd1d4003.PNG

Why should we choose you rather than anybody else? : I've been playing Rsps Servers since i was 7 so i have a lot of knowledge about those type of servers , I've been an Admin A Mod and A Helper in other servers that means i have knowledge of what staff are able to do , What are the rules , When to mute and when to not , When to Jail when to not , When to teleto and when to not , and when i see a scam happening ill always look to both players point of view and see who is correct and all of those staff stuff and after all of that ill tell a higher rank about it and listen about his opinion about it and then see what we should do..

And since I've been playing the server for long enough i think i nearly know everything about it , I've read the rules and i agree on everything , I haven't got muted in the server either jailed..

as well as i'm active on discord when i'm on my pc  and when i'm on my phone, and ill be active on forums , when ill become a helper ill host some stuff that will encourage people to join discord and be active of forums as well.

Ill try to make guides that help starters and professional players 

I've seen a lot of servers dying And i really don't want this special server to die because i absolutely love this server , ill make my best to keep it alive and help people as much as i can.

I don't want to lie but 2 helpers cant lead the server when No other is staff is on Because of timezones , timezones are the biggest problem we have and i think with my timezone will make helpers available 24/7 , Since Night for most of the people in the server is Morning for me

I know how to deal with arguments since I've been staff in other servers and I've seen a lot of arguments and fights and know the basics to solve it 

I'm friendly with everyone in the server, i didn't get a single hate since joining the server , and i appreciate that so much 

As well I say that don't say about a staff that he is bad because he muted you or something Staff will do the right thing when they see a wrong thing happening no matter who you are , Staff aren't staff because they are nice to everyone but because they will do the right thing and think ahead they will make the impossible to prevent breaking rules

Some other stuff about me : 

i'm a Youtuber with 500 subs but i don't usually upload Rsps but i have uploaded before and i may upload for the server 

i know how to code some stuff as well


Thanks for spending your time on reading my staff app

If a staff is reading the application i would like him to tell me his opinion about it in the comments , i would like him to tell me on what to improve aswell!

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