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SnowPrincess Staff Application

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In-Game Username: SnowPrincess

Country & Timezone: Germany UTC +2

What's your current playtime? And how many hours can spend a day?: Um, actually quite a lot, about 8 - 12 hours a day


Experience as staff on past servers / games: Like 14 years ago i start playing Lineage 2, after few years i learned a lot about that game, there wasn't so simple to become a part of the team, since things like staff applications didn't existed, there was EventGM and HeadGM ranks. ( GM - GameMaster ) those ranks was same like owner ranks. Was HeadGM for few years. Then i went into rsps ( after 4 months i made my first staff application and i become server support ) . After that i was playing only rsps, and i was ss / mod / community manager / many times. 2 times i was Co-owner. First time was pretty hard, because i met many different players, but with time i learned how to handle different situations and found solutions without punishing players.

What made you interested in applying for staff rank? :

I playing on this server 3th season, before i was ss / mod, this time didn't want to hurry and make staff application, because wasn't sure if i'm ready for it. But now i feel that i can do it. I know  everything about server and can help players with all possible questions. Anyway many players pm'ing me and asking for help, never ignored anyone, if i would be official server support, it would be easier to pm me, because ppl would see rank, since now not all know that they can ask me.

Why should you be considered? :

Honestly, i can't answer to this question, because it's Server staff team choices to consider or not my application.

What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? :

Make help cc clean from insults, racism or others negative talks. Help to new players ( or even to old players if they don't know something ) , obviously never ignore others if they need help.

What would you do if someone was insulting a staff member? :

I like this question, i hope it won't sound rude, but insult staff or regular player it's the same thing. Staff or not, players must respect each other, if not, punishments will be same. 3 Warnings, if not - Mute 30 minutes ( if player will continue after 30 minutes, then Mute will be for 2 hours ). If player who is muted will make alt ( new account ) and he will do same, then he will be IP Muted ( to avoid negativity in our community )

What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? :

If i found, i instantly report to server owner Dante and if possible help him to fix it. If i get informed that someone duped items, first of all i will ask screen shot ( proofs ) if i get it, then i will jail that player who duped, and instantly call dante. ( Jail, because he can trade / log out / or giveaway duped items and ruin eco )

P.S ( English is not my main language, so, i'm sorry for grammar mistakes )

Thanks for reading

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