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In-game Username: Gon

Country & Timezone:  gmt-6 canada

Age: 25

Hours you can spend playing:  4-8 depending on my work hours, weekends closer to 8 hours. I am on call every weekend

Experience as staff on past servers/games: Got around 7 years experience with multiple rsps's, 3 which I was staff,  admin twice, and moderator on another.

What made you interested in applying for staff rank? want to be useful if I can be.

Why should you I considered?  im blunt, and to the point, I don't sugar coat things, if theirs an issue, I address it.

What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? Community involvement, Helping those who need it, instruct the rules of the server, and any guidance to players if they have questions or need help.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language? depending on the language, personally use to issuing 2 warnings, then a mute, or harsher depending on the situation.

What would you do if someone was insulting a staff member?  tele him 2 me (if I can) or jail him 2 be with me, talk 2 him about the situation, try and solve or calm down the problem.  if I cannot resolve the issue, I message someone above my staff rank.

What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?  inform the highest ranked staff member online, also message the owner, then ask more questions to the suspected person in question. 

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