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Collector Aura Progressions

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                                                                                                                          Basic Info on the collector aura:

The Aura starts at a base of  2% drop rate increase this number goes up by 2% per level that is upgraded meaning level 2 is 4% level 3 is 6% and so on. Current price is at 2T and doubles per level meaning a level 5 is roughly 32T based off guide prices, With level 5 have the collector's amulet ability added to it!

Collector Aura Lvl 1: Base level (2% dr, 2T)

Collector Aura Lvl 2: 500 Energy fragments (4% dr, 4T)

Collector Aura Lvl 3: 2000 Energy fragments (6% dr, 8T)

Collector Aura Lvl 4: 5000 Energy fragments (8% dr, 16T)

Collector Aura Lvl 5: 30000 Energy fragments (10% dr, 32T) (Adds Collector Necklace Effect!)




Credit to Alyss and Hazr for helping me get these numbers 🙂

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