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Weapon Guide

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Tier weapon progress guide

Modified/Updated by No Regrets


Melee                            Mage                           range

icy glaive                                   mystic staff                             zeus bow

usumidori scythe                      universo staff                         lava/fire gun

divine's wrath                           golden mystic staff                big fucking gun

genesis sword                          staff of ra                              universo bow

masaume                                 jax lantern                             hellfire crossbow

mustang sword                       madara's fan                         portal gun                   

godly flail                              infinity staff



Please note these prices are at the time of making and may be inaccurate in a 2 days or a week only time will tell. Please ask clan chat for every purchase to avoid being lied to.


Tier 1                  55-70k                  

Tier 2         350-500k          

Tier 3         1.5M          

Tier 4         2-3M         

Tier 5         5-7M

Tier 6         25-35M

Tier 7        Based on seller, mostly combined using ;;combine (around 130-150M)



Tier 1                  5k         (3550 to custom shop)      

Tier 2         30k       (20k to custom shop)          

Tier 3         250k     

Tier 4         300-400k  (200k to custom shop)

Tier 5         1.5M         (1M to custom shop)

Tier 6        9-10M

Tier 7        70-100M

Tier 8        Based on seller, mostly combined using ;;combine (around 150M)



Tier 1                  55k   (50k to custom shop)            

Tier 2         550k (500k to custom shop)          

Tier 3         1.5M  (1M to custom shop)  

Tier 4         5-7M

Tier 5         45-50M

Tier 6        Based on seller, mostly combined using ;;combine (around 160-180M)




Okay, now that you know the tiers you're probably like well which is the best. They each have their advantages and disadvantages so take note and decide for yourself


Melee is great because its one of the two styles that's DPS can be buffed through having a melee combat stat boost, but melee needs melee set pieces, the better str bonus the higher damage you'll be doing


Range is also a style that has a DPS buff through having a range combat stat boost, same as melee, you need ranged set pieces for it to deal higher amount of damage. (Ranged weapon is the main factor of dealing DPS)


Mage on the other hand doesn't get affected by having a combat mage stat boost, you deal higher DPS by set effects like frieza - ssj - qbd - tyrael - ultimatium.

In early tiers, Mage out DPSes Melee and Range and is cheaper so I would recommend starters to use Mage early on. When you get to the Tier 4 range, Melee and Range will out DPS Mage.

When you get to the Infinity Staff - Hellfire Cbow - Masamune tier, Mage will have highest DPS of the three because of the set effect bonus that it can have, however, In the latest tier, Portal Gun and Godly Flail will deal the way more than Keyblade (with the DOOM GUY SWORD since it gives insane combat and mage doesnt get affected by it), Godly Flail having slightly more DPS than Portal Gun, but without the DOOM SWORD special attack, Keyblade will outshine both styles in Ultimatium Set, Portal Gun will outshine Melee and Mage in Tyrael Set





Special weapons

More lit sword                rubber duckie(useless)                dominion crossbow

(gives 300 str and attack)                          (gives 300 magic lvl)                                                (gives 300 range lvl)


Infinity Gauntlet                       DOOM GUY SWORD

(gives 400 att/str/range/magic lvl)                     (gives 800 att/str/range/magic lvl)


Now, you need to note that magic lvl is useless so the rubber duckie itself isn't a viable item or useful item. Dominion crossbow and most lit sword, infinity gauntlet, or doom guy sword are basically a need and must have for those combat styles.


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