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October 12, 2020 | Update

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Dante    0

Just a small update before i push more updates! 😛
-Double Drops event now actually 2x drop instead of 3x
-You can now teleport to AFK Boss using teleport manager
-Added yin and yang armor effects when worn full
-Added yin and yang to the BOSS Points
-Fixed Dark and light minigame displaying null npc on teleport manager
-Dark and light chest no longer gives sephiroth body out of nowhere
-You can now check rewards on dark and light chest
-AFK BOSS Can now drop AFK Boxes aswell
-Adjusted messages on dark and light chest
-Added some extra rewards to the dark and light chest
-To activate the Stargaze well, server no longer needs to contribute 500m now it's 200m instead
-Broly or afk boss no longer spams the message of him dropping something
-Removed a bunch of system outprints
-Fixed a bug that you couldn't use collector necklace with double drop ring
-Removed Seasonal chest spam
-Increased the chance of obtaining keys on dark and light minigame
-Double Drop event now works with collector items
-Stargaze well now empties out after the timer runs ouit
-Agression statue should now work as intended
-Pyramid head pet now has effect of aoe pet, just better version of it
-Fixed custom item for a player
-Removed some outdated items from combiner
-Added redkey combination back to the combiner
-Buffed Votebox
-Removed Outdated Rewards from voting on web rewards
-Increased voting reward from the following pages
Runeserver now gives 2 points instead of 1
Runelocus now gives 3 points instead of 2
-You can now sell these following items to the custom shop
Perfecto Box:7K
Godlikeaura: 10m
Yang armor pieces: 3M except boots and gloves 1.5m
Yin armor pieces: 6M except boots and gloves 3m
Infinite prayer symbol: 5m
Godzilla pet: 10k
-Fixed some small bugs

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