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October 2, 2020| Update

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Dante    0

 Here ye go another update for you guys i hope u enjoy! ❤️ Don't forget to download new clients of the website, it's still gonna be called stargaze15.1 no cache download required 😛
-Added brand new mystery Box called AFK BOX
-Added Afk box to ::rewardlist
-Fixed boss chest logging you out when you try to check for rewardlist
-Fixed Boss keys being spammed on every kill
-Fixed Stargaze well not updating when the time runs out
-Fully removed runelite until we make it more stable on the client
-Minimized Client to size 1.2mb removed useless shit
-NPC no longer loses agressiveness when 5 minutes pass
-Mining/Wooducuting/Fishing afk tickets have a chance of giving an AFK BOX
Mining 1/1000 Chance
Fishing 1/1500 Chance
Woodcutting 1/2000 Chance
-Quest tab stargaze well now shows when the well is active
-Afk tree and Afk stone now spawns at the same time
-Renamed well of goodwill on quest tab to Stargaze Well
-Fixed problem with helmets and beards shining through
-Pets no longer attack players when magic spell is spammed on them
-Fixed Potion timers it was counting timer wrong so now it works as intended
-Fixed Pink spirit shield being a null
-Added Progressions book
-Made a new item that makes Npcs agro you every 6 seconds and works on radius by 3 blocks but you need to activate it every 5 minutes
-Improved on client code
-Fix minor typo mistakes
-New Client

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