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September 30, 2020 | Update

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We're gonna be doing now every 7-10 Days an update, so expect atleast 3-4 Update lists a month.

-Buying Icon of Godess now counts towards the Donation Deal Tab
-Daily Login Rewards have been reworked
-Upgraded Starter Package for beginners
-Broly is now AGRO so you can leave your account to AFK Kill Him
-Renamed Broly Teleport To Afk Boss, and made his teleport command to ::afkboss
-Added More Pheonix as requested and lowered respawn rate
-Infinite Prayer Symbol Is Now 10mil instead of 2mil
-You can now obtain Godly/Executive Items at OP Store for 500Mil each.
-Optimus Prime bosstimer has been fixed
-Added ::dietyboss command to instantly teleport to optimus prime
-Removed some outdated combinations on ::combine
-Reworked the HELLFIRE/INFINITY STAFF/MUSTANG Sword combinations so it's way easier to obtain now for Medium class players
-Fixed Cell Arena Map being black spot
-Reworked Boss of the day interface to be Boss of the hour so it would give more competition against the players
Rewards and NPCS:
Frieza Final Form - 1 KC Goodiebag Box
Red Dragons - 3 Red Dragon hearts & 1 Galaxy Box
Goku - 1 Galaxy Box
Unholy Cursebreaker - 5 Aura Chests
Big Bags - 20 Cash Boxes
Medium Bags - 15 Cash Boxes
Small Bags - 10 Cash Boxes
Darklord - 7 Scratchcards
Corporeal Beast - 7 Scratchcards
Vegeta - 1 Galaxy Box
Frieza 1st form - 1 Fantasy Boxes
Joker Clone - 50 Cash Boxes
Chronozon - 2 Supreme Clue Scrolls
Donkey Kong - 100 Sponsor Tokens
Blue Dragons - 3 Blue Dragon Hearts 
Zeus - Zeus Pet
Kid Buu - 3 Millionaire Boxes
Super Buu - 1 Millionaire box
Papa Bags - 1 Super Scratchcard
Bork - 7 Scratchcards
Infartico - 15 Scratchcards
Thanos - 2 Diamond Chests
Nex - 1 Omega Key
Frieza 2nd Form - 2x Fantasy Boxes
Cell - Cell Jr
Mystery Box Of All Mysteries - 1x AK-47 Assimov
-Deleted some unecessary system outprints
-Minimized Requirements To Kill ALL NPCS By 50% so it wouldn't be such a chore to kill.
-Added a brand new trybrid ring called Eye of the stargazer, you can find this ring at ::combine
-Reworked Boss Point store, removed some items that were not used and added some new fresh ones
-Reworked Donator Store by adding new items
-Broly now drops afk tickets as intended not only to top dps
-Made it so client now supports progression bars
-Rewrote how equipment tabs work so it's now way more natural to use rather than having to equip or unequip items
-Fixed a bug with equipment tab eating up charms if you do not unequip it
-Fixed a bug with custom equipment tab not allowing to put on items for specific players
-Added brand new Progression Manager system so it's easier to navigate new players plus giving some juicy rewards for completing tasks
-Added brand new custom goodwill that will be giving major effects after donating 500m to it server wise
-Removed some unecessary items from rare drop announcer that were just basically spam at this point
-High-end boxes are now renamed to Mid tier when being announced on drop
-Updated Item hover stats
-Added New Godlike aura to the game that can be only obtained from Dark/Light minigame
-Fixed fortune pot extending to 4 hours
-Fixed Thanos safespotting
-Fixed Boss Chest not giving rare items to the players, now the chance will be 1/75 to obtain omega/millionaire box/galaxy box/captain america shield as rare drop
-Added brand new custom chest that is called Chest of hope which can be found at new minigame which will be containing new armor sets and new in game aura
-Added brand new custom Map for a new minigame
-Added brand new NPCS God of yin and god of yang for the new light and darkness minigame
-It now displays 14% damage increase when hovered over Turmoil prayer
-Added brand new 2 armor sets armor of yin and armor of yang these 2 new armor sets will be in between of QBD Yang acting as in between of SSJ-YANG-QBD And Yin acting in between QBD-YIN-TYRAEL while not having cape but having all the extra damage for mage and DR
-Added Light and dark minigame to the teleport manager
-Deleted theduo minigame
-Reworked Holy water shop
Holy Water Shop:
$1 Scroll: 200 Holy Waters
$5 Scroll:  750 Holy Waters
$10 Scroll:  1000 Holy Waters
$25 Scroll: 2,500 Holy Waters
$50 Scroll: 4,500 Holy Waters
Seasonal Key: 400 Holy Waters
-Godzilla pet no longer displays on trade screen or drop interface as Hand
-Dailytasks have been reworked
Daily tasks
Trump:Slay 100 Trump , Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll, 5 scratch tickets.
Anouke:Slay 100 Anouke, Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll 2 perfecto boxes.
Mourner:Slay 100 Mourner , Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll 1 scratch ticket.
Vetion:Slay 100 Vetion , Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll Medium-Tier Armor box.
Cabal:Slay 100 Cabals , Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll Medium-Tier Weapon Box.
Skeletal Horror:Slay 100 Skeletal Horrors, Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll.
Godzilla:Slay 100 Godzillas , Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll, Godzilla Pet.
Infartico:Slay 100 Infarticos , Reward: 10k bags, 3000 crystal keys, $25 scroll, 5 seasonal Keys.
Planefreezer: Slay 100 Planefreezers , Reward: 10k bags, 2000 crystal keys, $15 scroll, 50 Red Keys.

Taxi: Slay 150 Taxis, Reward: 3 Scrolls of Praise, 3.5k King Tokens
Perfect Cell: Slay 150 Perfect Cells, Reward: $400 worth of scrolls, 1k clue scrolls
Zeus: Slay 150 , Reward: $400 worth of scrolls, 1k clue scrolls
Frieza Final Form: Slay 150 , Reward: $300 worth of scrolls, 750 clue scrolls, Goku Pet
Frieza Second Form: Slay 150 , Reward: $200 worth of scrolls, 500 clue scrolls
Frieza First Form: Slay 150 , Reward: $100 worth of scrolls, 250 clue scrolls

Joker: Slay 300 Joker Clones, Reward:  3 OPs, 1000 LMBs, 25k bags
Blue Dragons: Slay 300 Blue Dragons, Reward:  3 Hearts, 250 Red Keys, 25k bags
Green Dragons: Slay 300 Green Dragons, Reward:  3 Hearts, 500 Red Keys, 50k bags
Red Dragons: Slay 300 Red Dragons, Reward:  3 Hearts, 1,000 Red Keys, 100k bags

Zeus: Slay 500 Zeusys, Reward: 3.5k Emp Tokens, 150k bags
Super Buu: Slay 500 Super Buus, Reward:  500k Bags, 10 Op keys
Kid Buu: Slay 1000 Kid Buus, Reward: Kid Buu Teliportation tablet
Thanos: Slay 200 Thanos, Reward: 100 Cash Boxes, 150k Bags
-Adjusted commands for some staff members that were not working before
-Added new Dark and Light keys that can be obtained from Light and dark minigame
-There is now 1/300 Chance to obtain a boss key from any BOSS that gives boss points on random drop
-Added brand new Mega Scratch card system
-Added a brand new custom Stargaze Well at home area
-Adjusted Server event message double drop for community manager
-Deleted some unecessary outprints
-Fixed some bugs that i forgot to record
-Added some loot to the new Dark and light chest
-Clipped New Map

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