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September 10, 2020 | Update

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 We have started working a little bit with a possible developer that's going to be lending me a helping hand, on stargaze upcoming updates, so except more and more content coming up! ❤️
-Admins can now demote and promote people to support rank
-Fixed a dupe that couple of players found out and abused it.
-Webstore prices reworked a lot of oudated items have been deleted
-Optimized Client for smoother gameplay
-Added Triple Drop Event that can be toggled by our community manager
-Staff can now teleport to Instances
-Added Runelite into the server client which will help with future updates, as we are gonna be implementing a crap ton of plugins to help our players with their journey on stargaze! 🙂
-You can now press CTRL button when hovering over the item to check the stats of it!
-Added Icon of Goddess one of the last items that will be used purely for combining into end game gear, obtainable only by new goodiebag box
-Added a brand new BIS Ring called Ring of divine, it has a 3x DDR effect 30% on kill, 2x ring of perfection stats, 180% DR Increase you can find it at ::combine
-Added a brand new Goodiebag box(Icon of Goddess)
-Added Thanos to Boss Points
-Removed cash boxes rare spam
-Updated Afk store shop with omega
-Optimus prime mode being even better than scrooge mode plus u can transform into optimus prime!
-Added Optimus Prime to ::bosstimers
-Added Optimus Prime as a new Diety Mass Boss of the day
-Buffed Custom Ordered Weapon
-Redid how banning is handled
-Fixed some visual texture bugs
-Fixed some bugs that i forgot

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