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March 7, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

Dropping a small content today and another update tomorrow will be focused into second form frieza/bug fixes/and revamping all slayer masters so they would give normal tasks based on their lvl
-Goodiebag box no longers appears as Puzzle Box in trade screen
-Goodiebag box now gives donation deal bonus balance
-Adjusted webstore prices up to date
-Adjusted webstore inacquirate descriptions
-Fixed some items going to the wrong equipment slot
-Wrote combat script for Frieza
-Fixed buffering bug, where it could have caused client to freeze from long game play times
-Added KC Requirement for the frieza
-Added New First Form Frieza Mode giving 4% damage
-Updated starterguide command
-Added New Teleport Frieza Saga to the teleport manager

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