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March 2, 2019 | Update

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Dante    1

Here we go let's start March with them updates! We're going to have another one aswell this week for a new Dragon Ball Z, More slayer tweaks, and more content overall! Love you all ❤️
-Updated Rates on Super Slayer Box
-Updated Starterguide link to a way more advanced thanks to April! 🙂
-Removed Setyelltitle from regular players as it was not intended to be there
-Removed the requirement to enter gwd doors, so King zone could be accessed with ease
-Skullcharm no longer stacks in inventory
-Added new preference command that will allow you to turn off white text when item is dropped by doing ::groundnames
-Added Killcount Skip Scroll this scroll will allow you to skip every killcount that will be coming in the future or is right now in the present
-Adjusted Red Key chest loot table
-You can now sell LMBS to the Custom Shop
-Mustang and Masamune received buffs
-Lottery now doesn't spam as much as before
-Vorago now drops up to 5 players so there wouldn't be leeching from other players
-Megazord extreme has been buffed
-Skittles and firegun has been added to the custom store
-Fixed timer for custom boss
-Turmoil now works with mage and range increasing the damage by 14%
-It will now display your drop rate and attack speed in the equipment tab the lower the attack speed number is the faster ur hitting
-::npctasks interface now has a close button
-The damage interface now extends up to 10 players, and doesn't go beyond that when it did before
-Red dragons are now in the instance manager
-Added new system that will now protect accounts from going NULL
-Added First effect to the Infinity gauntlet, it has 1/200 Chance to snap npc out of existence
-Buffed Vorago Pet
-Updated staff of ra inventory model
-Removed trash drops from KBD
-Fixed Pheonix staff shoting wrong projectiles
-Added New Goodiebag box called killcount goodiebag, this goodie will contain the brand new killcount scroll as it's top tier reward, Goodiebag box will be exclusive to the webstore item
-Added Reality stone one of the 6 infinity stones into the goodiebag box
-Buffed Hellfire bow
-Infinity stones are now tradable
-Buffed red dragons drop table
-Some bugs that i've fixed but don't remember
-Goodiebag box added to webstore
-New Client version 9.8

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