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February 20, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Slayer will still get worked on on weekend to make the Tasks custom only 🙂
-Client no longer dumps sprites which means faster load time.
-Fixed Lottery System Sometimes not registering entries
-Fixed a dupe
-Fixed Client Teleport Interface
-Added New system for voting, basically when people hit 100 vote rewards whole server gets a global boost
-Added New System for SET DAMAGE BOOSTS
-Added Frieza into the game with his first/second/final form
-Added Frieza modes first form giving 3% damage increase second form 5% and final one 8%
-Added Infinity Stones into the game, they will be scatered around entire stargaze world good luck finding them! 🙂
-Nerfed The Chance Of Obtaining Rare On OP Chest
-Fixed Scratchcards not giving $ in donation deal tab
-Adjusted Mystery Box loot
-Adjusted Legendary Mystery Box loot
-Made stones untradable
-Added New Prayer flicking system for npcs to make game to be more challenging
-Second tier donation deal is now fixed
-There is now a chance of obtaining superior slayer box when doing slayer 1/200 chance and 1/120 chance for emperors
-Added Rewards to super slayer box and added it to ::rewardslist
-Added ::setyelltitle and ::resetyelltitle for emperors to make custom yell titles near their names
-Red keys no longer spam when combined
-Scrolling fixed with all interfaces
-All interface npc models are resized to a normal size
-Duo Slayer is now here, all u need to do is get a slayer gem from any slayer npcs
-Changed BFG OFF-HAND inventory model so it wouldn't confuse people
-Removed Summoner Rovin For Now
-Adjusted Slayer Streaks
-Removed amulet of accuracy from the wrong item slot
-Replaced a lot of Sprites with different color to give us a unique look
-Custom Boss Now Respawns every 2 hours, because i didn't want to give it a loot boost. The reason is cuz achieving deluxe is now easy pezy.
-Added command ::chests that will teleport you to the chest area
-Fixed command ::crabs teleporting to nowhere
-Added More Pheonixes
-Added Cash Boxes to the summer key chest
-Added Boss points to the dragons
-Updated ssj armor inv models/Jax lantern/Tdi Icon
-Buffed TDI a little bit
-Added Boss Points To Taxies
-Added Thanos Map
-Added Thanos To The Teleport Manager
-Added bonus mage effects to the Universo/QBD/Tyrael/SSJ
Universo 15% damage increase
SSJ Full set 20% damage increase
QBD Full set 35% damage increase
Tyrael Full set 50% damage increase
-Added First Infinity Stone "Space Stone" somewhere in stargaze, u will need to find out where. Every week i'm gonna be adding a new stone into the game but you will not know where, it will be ur task to find it guys! 🙂
-Added Thanos Drop Table
-Added Slayer Gem to the slayer items shop the empty one
-Did some adjustments to modeling system
-HD Setting is now way more stable
-Godzilla now spawns faster
-Did some little bug fixes that i forgot about

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