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February 11, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Quick updaterino a smallerino one, i'm working on a self updating loader as the last one i developed wasn't that great and had no compatability with let's say MAC users
-Added Blue/Green/Red dragons as daily task
-Fixed bug where when ever u closed the upgrader interface it would pop out the donation deals
-Added More Dragons in Dragon Zone
-Now all collector items pick up Double Drop as it should have been from the beggining
-Fixed Some Dialogue outdated mistakes
-Removed Gambling Shop from King Zone as king can no longer gamble
-Added Gods from godwars into King Zone
-You can now sell Fighting boots into the junk store
-King can now do CTRL+E to open Junk store when ever they please too
-Added NEW BIS Hellfire Crossbow that can be found on ::combine
-Genesis full set bonus now has an effect of ignoring 20% of NPC Defence level
-Buffed Genesis sword

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