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February 9, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Sorry for the delay with the update guys, had a very busy week IRL, but we're back in the game baby! EVEN MORE CONTENT IS COMING UP THIS WEEK! WITH REVAMPS/NEW INTERFACES AND MORE!
If you found any bugs let me know ASAP!

-Fixed Megazord Extreme pieces not being tradable for regular players
-Fixed issue with boss of the day where it duplicated the name on the interface if you were offline
-Fixed issue where it didn't gave the reward for boss of the day
-Fixed the issue with Lottery system causing whole server to freeze
-2xed Supreme T-Shirt on stats
-Reworked king zone prices for skittles/staff of ra/firegun
-Buffed Tyrael Set
-Emperor has higher chance to save red keys upon open
-Emperor players can get x3 rewards from barrows
-Emperor players get more commendations from PC minigame
-Emperor can TAB reply To people now
-Emperor and King rank now get extra Bulging bags from thieving
-Emperor has 60% DR increase
-Drop rate adjusted overall all of the drop rate/ranks/pets have been deducted by half to fix the dr system.
-Double drop now gets picked up by TDI and Dantes, it will not work with anything bellow that.
-Now after u close daily interface the donation deal tab will pop up
-Sponsor rank no longer appears in announcement because of how easy it is now to achieve
-Added NPC 10K Tasks system you can check it at ::npctasks
-Added new recoloring system
-Upgraded interfaces not holding more than 67k on button ids
-Upgraded Tool for inventory model looks
-Fixed some inventory models
-Added Brand New Executive shield
-Added Executive Shield To ::combine
-Runelocus now gives 2 vote points instead of 1
-Removed Ring of devotion from donation deals as it's not worth it
-Made adjustments to examine for Hades/Poseidon/Ares auras
-Added keyshort cut CTRL+C To open combiner for SPONSOR RANK
-Buffed Donation Deal tab
-Removed Agro off White Wolfs
-Added More items to afk tree store
-Added :y for baby yoda icon on the chat
-Extreme magic potion now dissapears after drinking last dose
-Buffed Taxi Drops
-Added Dragon Variants of Dante's necklace
-Added Dragon Hearts which will be used on new Necklaces/Boots
-Added Dragons Adjusted HP/Defence levels to the zone
-Changed WebsStore Descriptions
-Gave staff tools to track people who abuse multi log easier
-POS shop now lists when item is searched at the top is the most expensive at the bottom is the cheapest ones
-Added new texture type of blinking
-Added DRAGONZONE To the teleport manager
-Jail limit removed
-Deleted over 400 NPCS from the map for improved performance
-Added fee on the gates for the map
-Clipped new dragonzone map
-Raids do not start anymore upon server restart
-Fixed Anvils at skilling zone
-Adjusted some prices on webstore
-Added Missing Coal stones at skilling zone at home
-Fixes to increase server performance
-Added New Community Manager Rank
-Added Killcount requirement for dragonzone
-Each dragon will have a huge defence for each combat style
-Upgraded Muting system
-Removed seasonal keys from rare drop announcer
-Added some items into rare item announcer
-You can now fuse 5 dragon hearts with your dante's necklace to either make it red/green/blue depending on the diamonds u have and style u want to apply it with. They will have all dantes necklace benefits and on top of that upgraded DR
-Moved gambling to emperor, as server voted for it, and i think it's better this way people having to enjoy and explore the game and stay with us overall rather just rush it to KING and gamble everything away...

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