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January 29, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

Hey guys small update that i wanted to push today, i hope ye all enjoy it! More to come as always haha! I'm about 25% done with minime pet which will be sick to have! 🙂
If you have ran into any bugs/issues please let me know asap and i will patch them up ASAP aswell!
Do you have more awesome ideas that could improve the game and make it enjoyable? Please feel free to post em on #suggestions Channel!

-Boss of the day is finally here now let me explain it's simple!
1.Check with morvan daily boss manager, see what kind of boss you have to kill
2.Teleport to the area, with instances you will need to do it manually on your own
3.Kill the boss
4.Check morvan and the leaderboards to see who is #1 On the leaderboards
5.When the timer runs out the server will Announce who got the reward doesn't matter if player is online or not it will stay record your winning.
6.Claim your rewards if you finished first
-Pinata now gives up to 30 players drop
-Vorago pet now has a chance to hit up to 1500, plus it has 25% dr increase
-Buffed Infinity Staff max hit so it could go toe to toe with mustang sword
-You can now sell dice bags for 600k
-Added KBD to instance manager
-Fixed a bug where you coud dig with 1 clue scroll rather than needing 2
-Whole skilling zone now functions as it was intended too
-Added Small rewards to vorago babies
-Added More Ultra boxes in the sponsorzone
-Minor bugs not worth mentioning fixed

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