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January 29, 2020 | Staff Update

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Dante    1

So today we have had some big changes on our @Staff team. It's been a rough decision and we have had an INCREDIBLE amount of applications and it was so hard to pick the best ones. There are many factors that were looked at in hopes of finding the perfect candidates.

We are still looking for 1 new SS member so make sure if you haven't applied already you pop your application in. To the people that have applied make sure that you are putting the work in game in! So now lets get on with the important parts!

Our Server Support Nightmare has been completing an incredible amount of work in the past months, recently we have seem him excel in game and have received very positive feedback about his activity and work in Stargaze. We believe that he is ready for his next step in the journey of the team. Make sure you give him a huge congratulations.

Nea is our first pick to join the Stargaze @Staff team. He has been extremely active since joining Stargaze and we cannot thank them enough for all the work they have put in. Their application was flawless and wowed us all. Welcome to the team!

Darkassassin known as "Vinny" is our second Stargaze @Staff team pick. He has done an incredible amount for us here at Stargaze with back end development of maps and content for you guys. He is also very active in game and i hope he will continue to support the server with his high quality content and help.

Thank you all for applying and i look forward to picking one more @Server Support member in the near future!

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