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January 24, 2020 | Update

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Dante    1

A little bit of conterino adjusting some bugs and fixes
-Added new system for VOTING at the end of the month, the server will be picking randomly a person who voted on the server to give it a reward, basically the more u have voted the more chances u have and more tickets u get on entering the event!!!
-Fixed Head Icons, them being messed up a little bit, all u need to do is redownload the client, same version no cache update if u don't mind it than u don't need to download it
-Added Boss of the day NPC at home
-Rewrote the system how legendary mystery boxes are handled now it handles value way better and give you the correct size of items
-Fixed mass bosses not giving loot
-Bosstimer is not stuck anymore after being killed
-Added Missing Upgrader/POS npcs at the home area
-Fixed some staff related commands
-Fixed Super Scratches not adding to donation deal amount
-Added Fantasy Box/50$ Scroll To The Super Scratchcard common loot table
-Added New NPC That will be handling upcoming new Boss Of The Day
-Removed Daily Boss Command
-Increased Price of super scratch card in pest control to 5.5k
-Removed container messages that were shown when openning super scratch cards
-Updated ::rewardlist

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